My New Beam-Splitter and Eros Clone ESL designs

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Above is a newer version of the beam-splitter transmission-line ESL.  It's very similar to the original version shown in all the photos, except  simpler, slimmer, and easier to build.  I haven't built this newer version but if I had it go do again, this would be my speaker.   

The new version omits the 5mm plywood sheathing and edge trim from the woofer box, and is now either 3/4 painted MDF or stained 3/4 A-A oak plywood.  The frame sides and front woofer baffle are now 3/4 A-A oak plywood and the front frame rails remain solid red oak.  The speaker's width is now reduced to 14 inches, and the beam splitter now forms a slightly sharper blade at 50 degrees incident to panel (was 45 deg) to deflect the rearward sound 5 degrees rearward of perpendicular.      

I have a complete, dimensioned 2D DeltaCad drawing with orthographic views of all details, including magnetically attached speaker grills.  

And I now also have a 3D solid model in Google Sketchup.  

I also have dimensioned drawings for two versions of a compact transmission line ESL that I call the Eros Clone because it's patterned after Roger Sanders' Eros speaker.  Below is an excerpt from my Eros Clone drawing. 

I will email drawing files to anyone upon request.  
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