Cross-Connected Coax Speaker Cables

Parts list for (1) pair of 8 ft cables: 
(32) feet of Belden 89529 coax cable
(1) 25-ft roll 3/8 Techflex cable sheath
(2) 5M rolls 10MM heat shrink tubing
Teflon pipe fitter tape
4" of 6mm red heat shrink
4" of 6mm black heat shrink
(8) Nakamichi [knockoffs] locking banana terminals
(1) pack of (8) 10MM cable pants (Parts Express) 

Specs quoted from Jon Risch's website: 
Equivalent wire gauge: 13 1/2 
Resistance:  0.002 Ohms/ft
Capacitance: 49pF/ft
Inductance:    0.067uH/ft  

Getting started: 


Cables cut to length and twisted together (2-3 twists per foot):


Cables encased in 10 mm heat shrink except 5 1/2" each end:


Stripping back 4" of insulation from cables:



Pulling back the shield conductor braiding:


Strip back all but 1/2" of insulation from center conductors:



Using a pic to open braiding and pull the center conductor thru:




Center conductors pulled thru sheild-conductors: 


                        2-layers heat shrink insulate shield conductors from touching:


                                 The Money Shot:  Center conductors crossed and soldered to opposite shield conductors:


                                                                                                              Techflex sheathing on, conductors wrapped with Teflon pipe tape:


Ready for terminals:


Finished Cable: