Cross-Connected Coax Speaker Cables

Parts list for (1) pair of 8 ft cables: 
(32) feet of Belden 89529 coax cable -- available HERE
(1) 10M roll 10MM Techflex cable sheath
(2) 5M rolls 10MM heat shrink tubing
Teflon pipe fitter tape
4" of 6mm red heat shrink
4" of 6mm black heat shrink
(8) Sewell Silverback banana terminals
(1) pack of (8) 10MM cable pants (Parts Express) 

Specs quoted from Jon Risch's website: 
Equivalent wire gauge: 13 1/2 
Resistance:  0.002 Ohms/ft
Capacitance: 49pF/ft
Inductance:    0.067uH/ft

A quote by the cable's designer, Jon Risch:   
“Cross-connection is used to reduce the inductance to an absolute minimum.  Merely paralleling the center wire and shield would create two separated different polarity composite conductors with an inductance much higher than the cross-connected pair.”


Cables cut to length and twisted together (2-3 twists per foot):


Cables encased in 10 mm heat shrink except 5 1/2" each end:


Stripping back 4" of insulation from cables:



Pulling back the shield conductor braiding:


Strip back all but 1/2" of insulation from center conductors:



Using a pic to open braiding and pull the center conductor thru:




Center conductors pulled thru sheild-conductors: 



2-layers heat shrink insulate shield conductors from touching:


The Money Shot:  Center conductors crossed and soldered to opposite shield conductors:



Finished Cable: